After Yellowstone we started the long drive to Racine, WI with a few stops in between including Deadwood, SD.


Deadwood has a long history of being a wild west town that attracted interesting and dubious characters, many looking to make their fortune during the gold rush. Although people no longer stream into Deadwood to search for gold, they still come to find their fortune in the numerous casinos that line mainstreet–we of course did not find ours.


HELLO WISCONSIN! Racine always delivers on the good times and this trip was no exception. We were thrilled to hear that Megan’s cousin Pat and his fabulous girlfriend Lisa, would be getting married when we happened to be driving across the U.S.–the visit was perfectly timed. After a long drive to get there it was awesome to celebrate with family, friends, and the new friends we had made. Just good people all around. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we wound up needing to take one full day to rest at a hotel.


Once we finally emerged from the dungeon we created for ourselves we were off to Fraser, MI. We stayed with one of Megan’s besties, Steph, and her husband Brandon. They moved away from the Bay Area a little over a year ago, so this was the first time we’d been to see them. As expected, their home and hospitality were like having a hug–they really ought to run their own B&B. We hit up a few different breweries and a casino in Detroit where we had a chance to win back our Deadwood losses–we didn’t. However, Brandon made out like a bandit.