From Mesa Verde we headed north towards Yellowstone with a little stop on the way in Northern Utah and spent two nights at the Old Faithful Lodge Cabins in Yellowstone.

Grand Teton

Instead of driving into Yellowstone from the West entrance we decided to take a more scenic route through Grand Teton National Park and enter Yellowstone from the South. Unfortunately it was raining and snowing all day so we couldn’t see any of the Mountains of the Teton Range in the distance.


We entered Yellowstone while the first snow of the season fell. We drove straight to our cabin at Old Faithful and didn’t do much sightseeing on the first day besides watching the Old Faithful Geyser erupt twice. The entire next day we spent driving through the park visiting sites and doing small trails. Yellowstone is so huge that we couldn’t even cover all the main roads and sights. You could easily spend a week here. We saw a lot of the Geysers in Lower and Middle Geyser Basin, both falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and plenty of wildlife. Unfortunately both roads to Mammoth Hot Springs were closed so we couldn’t get to the northern part of the park. Overnight it snowed again so all the roads on our way out of the park were snow covered. On the drive we ran into Bison and Elk really close to the road and on the road. The exit road towards Cody, WY was closed until noon so we had to wait for it to be cleared. At this point we had already given up on seeing a Grizzly, but just a few miles outside the park we saw one walk next to the road and cross the road behind our car.