The next stop on our itinerary was Mesa Verde where we would be staying in the Lodge directly in the park. On the way there we made a little detour to drive through Monument Valley as well.

Monument Valley

Because it was just a small detour from Bryce to Mesa Verde we decided to drive through Monument Valley. We both thought that the best views were actually driving in and out of the park rather than on the scenic drive through the park. The exhibition about the Navajo Code talkers in World War II and Navajo Nation were also pretty interesting.

Mesa Verde

The Farview Lodge we stayed in ended up being very disappointing. WiFi didn’t work, there was no hot water in the morning and our “Farview” was of the next Farview Lodge building right in front of ours. In the morning we had a tour booked for the Balcony House which ended up being really good. We’d have rather walked through it on our own, but unfortunately you can’t walk into most of the cliff dwellings without a guided tour. Afterwards we stopped at various vista points for other cliff dwellings in the park. Cliff Palace and the Square Tower House were particularly impressive.