Megan and Markus

The saying goes, “couples who drink together stay together.” The same can be said for those who travel together. Welcome to Road Beers, we’re Megan and Markus, and we invite you to follow us as we traverse the globe, in search of adventure, food, and local watering holes.

The passion we both share for travel was evident at the start of our relationship. We met while we were both studying abroad (Erasmus) in Aarhus, Denmark. Like other exchange students, we were eager to make new friends and enjoy all that Aarhus had to offer. We quickly formed a tight inner circle of friends, and it was within this circle that our relationship grew. From the very beginning our relationship was built on adventure as we traveled throughout various European destinations, including spending 3 months in Markus’ village in Austria, before making a move to Megan’s hometown of San Francisco. While we settled into the routine of daily life, we continued to travel whenever possible. Weekend trips to other states, a month in India, trips back to Europe, weeks in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, local thru-hikes—you name it, we were up for it. After years of discussions, planning, and saving, we’re finally ready to make our dream of long-term travel a reality.


My first memories of wanderlust were spent as a child daydreaming on the deck of my home as I watched the planes take off from SFO Airport. Where were all of these planes going? What sort of mysterious places would they land at? Shortly into college, after scrimping and saving, I bought a ticket to Vietnam—my first international trip—and boy, was I hooked.

Favorite drink from the road: As cliché as it sounds, is there anything better than a glass of rosé at a quaint Parisian bistro? I think not.


Growing up in a tiny village led me to want to pursue seeing what else the world had to offer. I didn’t travel much internationally before college, but since then studied abroad in Denmark, moved to the U.S., and visited a lot of awesome places. I’m ready for the journey to continue…

Favorite drink from the road: A cold beer after a long hike.